Get rid of bacteria and virusses in the shopping baskets. The Zanizer disinfects the shopping basket with more than 99% effectiveness.


It is not news that shopping baskets are filled with germs. This has been documented for many years. Now an effective solution is available.

How many people are you holding hands with when you are shopping?

Every day millions of people are shopping in the grocery shops. All of us carying and spreading around different germs. We touch the shelves, foods, shopping baskets etc. 

What is in the shopping baskets?

It is not empty when its empty. For more than a decade articals has been written stating that tests show that more than 10.000 Coli types of bacteria from animals, birds and humans guts was found. Several of the tested shopping baskets had over a 100 million  bacteria in the buttoms. (

How did all these millions of bacteria get in the basket?

The issue is that when we pull along the basket dirt from our shoes and the floor gets stuck on the outisde of the basket. 

When we later empty the basket and stack it into the pile of baskets the dirt which was on the ourside of the basket now ends up on the indside of the basket below.

Because of the COVID-19 more focus has been on this issue and today each of us try to clean the shopping baskets by ourselves (if we remember) with some very variating results. 

For these reasons Dudex has developed the Sanizer. The Sanizer keeps the bacteria level accaptable and ensures a consistant high sanitizing level.

Links to some danish articles describing the issues the bacteria in shopping baskets

How the ZANIZER works

The Zanizer uses UV-C light to sanitize the shopping baskets.  

When the shopping basket go through the Zanizer they are illuminated on all sides which inactivates all common bacteria and virusses that otherwise might be transfered to the hands and groceries.

It takes under 10 seconds to let the shopping basket go through the Zanizer just enough time to disinfect the hands, thereby both the hands and the shopping basket are free from bacteria and virusses.

The ZANIZER is designed to take care of the customers in several ways:

  • Ergomic placements of the shopping baskets
  • Ergomic and flow oriented, touch free sanitizing spray
  • Safe design with no direct exposure to UV-C
  • Ensures a clean shopping experience for the customers

  • A clean shopping experience for your customers
  • No daily maintanance
  • Just plug it in to a nearby power supply. Thats it!
  • Safe to use
  • The flow system creates no queues

Effect of UV light for the Zanizer


The Zanizer has been thoroughly test and documented in order to comply with necessary legislation and safety measurements but also to make sure that it lives up to our high expectations regarding effectiveness.

Below some of the most important documentation porcesses that we have put the Zanizer through are listed:

  1. CE-documentation according to EU legislation, directives and standards.
  2. CE-marking visible on every Zanizer including unique serial number.
  3. Test documents by external UVC-test facility testimenting the effect of the UVC light.
  4. Risk assessment according to Machine directive including safety assessments according to current e.g. ISO standards.

How to get the ZANIZER for your shop

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